Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Best Frosting I've Ever Had

I've been asked to do a Wedding cake in the fall since I dabble in making cakes.  I'm extremely excited about it and went full force into research as to what I need to do for a wedding cake.  In the process, I stumbled upon some first time wedding cakes and in one site there was an interesting frosting recipe that had been used to frost a wedding cake.  Of course, I immediately had to try it out.  As with most recipes I can't just wait to make it until I need it.  No, I have to make it right then and there, especially if all the ingredients are on hand.  And in this case, they were.  So at 10 o'clock at night I was making this cake and frosting.

My rushed 10pm cake. 

I wouldn't say this is the BEST frosting I've ever had like the name suggests, but it's pretty good, easy and convenient since it doesn't require whipping cream and a bag of powdered sugar.  I actually found it better once the frosting had sat on the cake for a couple hours and definitely didn't find it good after refrigeration.  I'm not sure if it is just my refrigerator it didn't work well in, but I found refrigerating the cake made the frosting get really hard and when you try to cut the cake, it separated from the frosting.  So, again, I would suggest not refrigerating. 

My biggest critic (my wonderful husband) was very fond of the fluffiness of this frosting and the fact it isn't as sweet as most are.  Even my buttercream I usually make is slightly sweeter than this frosting. 

If you plan to make this frosting, let me give you a few pointers I learned when making this a couple times.  One batch will make enough frosting to layer two 6 inch cakes together and crumb coat the stacked cakes.  I used a double batch to stack, crumb coat and frost a 6 inch cake and had about 1/4 cup leftover that I used to frost 12 mini cupcakes.  It doesn't make a huge amount like most buttercream frostings do, so keep this in mind when making it.  I would say it probably gave me about 2 1/2 cups of frosting, but I'm not the best at estimating  :)  Also, when it's time to add vanilla, I found it better to add when the flour/milk mixture was warm, not hot but not completely cooled.  I whisked the vanilla into the mixture and found that to be better than using a spoon.. in my opinion.  Then whisk again just before adding to the sugar/butter mixture. 

The Best Frosting I've Ever Had
5 Tbl Flour
1 cup Milk
1 tsp Vanilla
1 cup Butter (I softened mine but I saw some who didn't)
1 cup Granulated Sugar (take note, this is not POWDERED sugar)

For the rest of the instructions, please visit Pioneer Woman for The Best Frosting I've Ever Had.

This was my second attempt at the frosting and as you can see there are some balls of flour/milk mixture at the top.  This is why I suggest whisking in the vanilla in when warm.

This might be the reason why I needed to use a double batch of frosting.. lol.  I like a nice thick layer of frosting.. or rather a little bit of cake to go with my frosting :)

Happy Baking!

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